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Tensar® TriAx® can be used for improving the structural performance of unbound roads and platforms with a Tensar® Mechanically stabilised layer.

Asphalt Pavements

We provide Tensar's reinforcement applications that have been demonstrated to increase the service life of roads and thereby save significant maintenance costs.
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Tensartech® earth retaining systems

Tensartech®Systems which utilize uniaxial geogrids for soil reinforcement to provide rapid construction.
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Biaxial Geogrids

Tensar International invented and advanced the biaxial form of geogrid – the original geogrid.These have been used for mechanical ground stabilization.
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Triton® Marine Mattress System

Composed of a Tensar® Geogrid structure filled with stone, the Triton® Marine Mattress System was developed for erosion control .
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Synthetic sheet piling

UltraComposite, line of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) sheet piling, as an alternative to steel sheet piling.
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