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Plug Pipe-Lansas Dome head

We provide Multi-Size Back and Front Pipe Plugs which are the most durable Multi-Size Pipe Plugs available today. The unique designs of these plugs are covered under patents making them the most durable and reliable in the industry. The design feature of this plug allows for controlled expansion of the plug. As the plug inflates, it gets larger in diameter and shorter in length. By changing the shape of the plug, the side-wall stress is kept to a minimum. This feature also eliminates the longitudinal tearing (end to end) found in plugs made by other manufacturers.

It's advanced design also transfers the stress of inflation from the steel base plate to the fabric reinforced “Spider-Ring™”.

These designs, along with the highest quality materials create a line of pipe plugs that are as much as 50% lighter and substantially more flexible than our competitors.

These Multi-Size Back and Front Pipe Plugs are manufactured and stocked with our standard ozone protected natural rubber outer layer. They are also available with a nitrile or neoprene layer as well as stainless steel end plates and fittings for use in chemical and petroleum applications

The 050 Series Multi-Size Back Plugs are designed with lifting eye(s) on both end(s) and a 1/4" inflation port. Larger sizes have a secondary 1/2" inflation port. The 051 Series Multi-Size Front Plugs are equipped like the Back Plug; however, they also include 1/4" and 3/4" Test Thru or Bypass ports for air testing and pressure monitoring.

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